“There is a vast amount of energy contained in wind, waves, tides, currents, and ocean thermal gradients.”

Offshore wind farms and marine hydrokinetic devices, such as tidal and wave energy converters, can be utilized to create a diverse system to harness as much power as possible from the ocean. A diversified energy portfolio allows for all resources to be adequately captured. In order to take advantage of these natural resources, much work and coordination will be required.  Federal, State and local governments must come together to address the policy implications, environmental concerns, and possible tax incentives to jump start the initiatives.  Modeling, simulation and measurements will be needed to justify the investments.  Design of the structures, power transmission, and power integration will require research and engineering. Most of all, coordination and cooperation among the many stakeholders will be crucial to creating meaningful, cost-effective paths to implementation.  The development of each aspect of this emerging industry has to be addressed to create the environment of confidence required to attract the required equity investment.  All of these factors will be covered in the Marine Renewable Energy track

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