Technical Paper Submission Process

 In order for papers to appear in the Technical Program and be presented at OCEANS Conferences, the following requirements must be met:

     1.      The originally-submitted abstract cannot be used as a substitute for the conference paper.

     2.      The paper should not exceed 10 pages, including figures and references. If shorter, please do not include blank pages at the end.

     3.      The paper must be formatted to U.S. letter size (8.5 by 11 inches). Style templates are available below.

     4.      Carefully proofread and check the layout of your paper before going through Step 5 - it will save you time.

     5.      Log in to IEEE PDF eXpress

  • Go to and create a new user account by following the "New Users - Click here" link. 
    The conference ID is O12x (that is the letter O).
  • After creating your account, click the "Continue" button to process your paper's source document into a IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF file for submission to our conference. (If not ready, you can login later using your new account information sent by email from IEEE PDF eXpress Site.) 
  • The source-document conversion to an IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF file is required for all papers.
  • Your properly formatted paper (IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF file) will be returned to you as an attachment to an email, typically within 20 minutes. If there were problems with your source document, the email will contain an error message rather than an attachment – please correct the source document and repeat this step.
  • The file returned from the PDF eXpress site is the file that you will upload to the OCEANS ’12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads conference website. Please save it to your computer where you can access it when using our website in the next step
  • If you're inputting a MS .docx file and are experiencing difficulties with the system converting your file to an IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF file, try converting your MS file to .doc first.

     6.    Submit (upload) your paper and register for the conference via the coded link identified in your acceptance e-mail. If that link isn't working, you can go to the Author Login & Administration Page and use your email address and password sent in your acceptance email to do the same. The deadline for all submissions is 31 August 2012.

  • You will be required to enter keywords to describe your paper.
  • You will be required to complete a copyright form. Note that receipt of your paper by this Conference constitutes release for open publication by IEEE. No cancellation of such release is permissible after submission in this step.
  • You will be required to complete the Paper Registration process.
  • Registration of the paper also registers you as a delegate for the full-week of the conference. A single paper registration fee can be applied to up to three papers on which you are a co-author. To include additional papers simply enter their abstract numbers in the provided fields during the paper registration process. If you will not be presenting your paper, there is a field to indicate who the presenting author is.
  • Upload your paper(s) as IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF files returned to you by email from the PDF eXpress website.

     7.     You may verify receipt of your paper by downloading it from the conference website. We will not send an email acknowledgment.

     8.     Oral presentation of the paper at the conference is required for the paper to be published in the citable Proceedings of the conference in IEEE Xplore, the IEEE on-line database.

Failure to present the paper at the conference will result in withdrawal of the paper from the final published Proceedings of OCEANS’12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads. The CDROM distributed at the conference may contain your paper, but that is not the official publication which can be cited in other literature. Please be sure to attend and orally present your paper, or have a co-author do so.

Style Templates

To assist you in the preparation of your paper, downloadable templates are available. Authors can download the latest IEEE style templates for MS-Word and LaTeX manuscripts directly from IEEE.

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