In the context of the sizeable existing body of work on dynamic control algorithms (e.g. controllers for achieving and maintaining a desired vehicle course, speed, or depth), this track will focus on the rapidly developing technologies of autonomous-intelligent control and topics related to the intelligent controllers that determine the desired vehicle state to satisfy the mission objectives.  Papers related to adaptive vehicle control, as well as multi-vehicle collaborative control, with real-time sensory data detailing results of in-water trials are of primary interest, but high-quality simulation results or theoretical treatments will also be considered.

Topic areas include:

• Real-time adaptive control and path planning
• Collaboration between and control of teams of vehicles
• Integrated perception and control
• Multi-objective optimization
• Collaborative and feature-based autonomous navigation
• Behavior-based and non-behavior-based autonomy approaches

The IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering will be publishing a special issue on Marine Vehicle Autonomy in October 2012.In conjunction with this track, the authors of the papers selected for JOE Special Issue will be invited to submit updates on their research for presentation at OCEANS ’12 MTS/IEEE Hampton Roads.

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